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Originally Posted by WarWolf
Why? For not being able to score in the preparation matches?

Sometimes it takes time to settle down in international cricket. There has been a player called "Rahul Dravid" who couldn't score much in his first few international matches........
In fact most of the time, the new comers needs a little bit time to settle down... That's primarily the reason, you don't put in too many debutants at the same time in the team. So, if you give all the time to everyone fairly, the entire team needs the time,,,which sometimes isn't possible, so it works against the new comers. They get treated with impatience for the Need of the team.

We have had such mass debut in the past as well, and every time the team was in mess and we needed to give them time.....

Hope this time it's a different story....although the brain tells me to learn from the past.

New players to watch: Anamul, Momnul, Shohag, Abul..... If Nasir, Sunny can be considered to be settled.
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