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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
I am recusing myself as a staff here....because as much I respect you here comes some ad hominem jibes.

You are dumb! What? Just because he is not near our team we shouldn't worry about him. Not sure what some of you "humble pie" fans like Rifat, mufi et al. have against him, but HE IS PART OF OUR TEAM. It is in OUR INTEREST to keep tabs on him. He is STILL AN ASSET and having an inform Ash in our team actually.... zing zing... HELPS our cause.

I hate to assume but it seems there is a group of people who have this tendency to label Ash as a "Spoiled" kid or someone who is cloud-9 due to early fame and success. Nothing annoys me more when someone mixes ethics with cricket. Yes, there is Spirit of the Game but clearly we are not talking about it.

8, nothing against you. But what bothers me when people makes it a "personal" issue about Ash. He is just like any other player. He should be under scrutiny just like any other player.

Ultimately, what I am trying to drive at is .... Ash is actually on our boat, not an enemy. :facepalm8

He can literally make day-night difference in a game.
Haha Mr.Zee,

So many strokes on key board for such a harmless post of mine? I am touched

Ok Mr. Zee. Ash has been playing for how many years now? And what is his average? As a well informed man, I am sure you know those by heart now. Not going there. But my question is why so biased towards him? Why not talk about Enamul or Nafees Iqbal? Why other players don't get the same kind of attention? Just because we got few Eid innings from Ash, we have to talk about him even when he is nowhere near the team? He becomes untouchable?

As a fan I always pray for our player's success. Be it Ash or Abul. If you dig through my earlier posts, you'll see Ash was one of my favorite players. I still love him and expect him to come back strongly and make significant contribution to our team. And I expect the same from all the players who are involved with BD cricket. I wish them all the best from the bottom of my heart and I can assure you that not a single BD fan wants To see Ash in a position where he is now. Just because I criticize him or don't want to talk about him when he has nothing to do with this series, doesn't mean that I have anything personal against him. And why should I have anything personal? Haha..where did you get that from my bhai?
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