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Originally Posted by Sohel
One must remember that it is also about putting runs on the board and unorthodox forces of nature such as Javed Miandad, Sanath Jayasuriya, Chis Gayle and Virender Sehwag are also great players to be appreciated in their own right.
Actually, Miandad was one of the smartest cricketers. He could hit, but almost never slogged. Jayasuriya and Gayle are from a different breed. Sehwag is a great hitter, but he looks for the right ball, which is why he has a 50+ test average despite scoring fast.

As far as our Bangladeshi batsmen are concerned, I feel Shakib, Tamim and Bijoy have what it takes to become our versions of reliable match winners like Miandad, Hayden and Clarke in that order, possibly between the age of 27-37, provided they overcome many of the damaging things about our cricket culture. I also believe that guys like Mushfiq, Riyad, Nasir, Hom, Soumya, Sohan and possibly Shourobh can become consistently useful contributors capable of retiring with more than decent numbers provided that they too work just as hard on all aspects of batting to optimize what they have.
Of your list, I have confidence in Nasir. Actually, I think he already has almost (but not quite, yet) the same aura as Shakib. Riyad has been consistent in recent matches. Mushfiq has to let go of his keeping. I think keeping and captaincy is draining him and he has become a 30-and-gone type of batsman. I am not convinced about the rest. They have to show more before I can be a believer.

Each of them needs to be vigilant against complacency, premeditation and work hard on their own. Each needs to consolidate his strength and rectify his flaws to become the best he can be, as consistently he can be. It is not only about rectifying biomechanic issues such as footwork, backlift and handspeed; but also psychosomatic ones such as calmness and judgement that can make him read the match situation, and then respond positively and decisively to that situation with the right high percentage stroke within his particular ability. It is all bout playing each ball according to its merit with best possible high percentage shot under the circumstances.
In other words, emulate Dravid. BTW, I am not a fan of Dravid the person. But, if one wants to reach his ceiling as a batsman, there is no better model.

We cannot have talented AND hardworking guys like Ashraful simply throw their wicket away because of poor judgement and other psychosomatic inadequacies, or someone like Mohammad Nazimuddin who doesn't see the ball until it hits his bat. Both are equally harmful as is a premeditated slog sweep or a premeditated block in response to a full toss or a half volley. Both need desire and hardwork before they're overcome.
Wow! You have Ash and Nazimuddin in the same sentence!
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