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Default Describe the natural high!

There are really some creative heads here. So I was curious how does the natural high of winning or anything triumphant by a Bangladeshi feel like?

Personally, after I left Bangladesh with 7 down stranded at like 180 or so when I next day I woke up to read Cricinfo headline: Abul century stuns West Indies

Gawdddd it felt soo good. Ufff even money can't buy that happiness, not that I would know the scent of fresh bundles of purple-dyed Benjamins.

It's like you drive around with bass low and subwoofer up. You can fast for as long as needed as you only need the image you snapshot in your head in the morning of Abul's headline.

It's like you can approach any stuck-up, attractive white girl and ask her out.

It's like you can ace any exams or crack the best joke as class clown.

You don't walk.

You become more gentle. Honest. You become a small boddhisattva and put up all abuse with smile, acceptance and forgiveness.

It's as if you conquered Everest.

It feels like Fahmim's first post as Daily Star FP

You feel like a Navy seal alpha male all ripped and cut and in actual may look like Kabir. (j/k Congrats kabirda!) tout court : The most badaaa son of a gun to walk on earth oozing with confidence and swag.

That's what a Bangladesh moment does to you, even if it doesn't result in a win.

But just like any drug it wears off. So...are we ready for another stunner today?

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