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Look like Chachu's moves are paying off in ODI.

4 new players in 1st ODI without your best player (injured) plus Naeem and Ryiad, you would think disaster is about to happen. Who is going to replace Sakib's batting and bowling? Plus they need more to win.

They could take safer route:

Sunny/Enamul instead of Shohag
Imrul instead of Anamul
Jahirul/Junaid instead of Naeem
SN instead of Mominul
Rubel or Saiful instead of Abul

But they took the risk and and too many risks for some people's comfort and atleast for first odi, it paid off.

Abul, to my surprise, was pretty good with the ball except for 2 overs.
Anamul gave stability at the other end and we didn't missed Imrul at all.
Shohag is the find of this series and was the MOM, nothing else to say. It will be hard for Sunny and/or Enam to bypass him
Mominul was not needed so he was not holding us back in any way.
Naeem had a reaaly one bad over and was never tried. Besides that, his batting helped us stabilizing one end and reach the low scoring target without much hicup.
Bowling wise Ryiad filled Sakib's slot and did pretty well with the ball, containing the batsmen and getting some wickets.

So far in ODI, chachu... you are a bucket (12 piece) of fried chicken for you... only for you.
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