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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
I love when Democrats become Republicans and vice versa!!!

I was the BIGGEST BACKER of Shakib-Tamim after their controversy. Hehe I remember Sohel bhai and others were against their attitude problem. As much as I didn't support battu-da's captaincy, over the years, he made me a Believer (No....not! Belieber!)

1. Asia Cup finals
2. West Indies 61
3. West Indies T20
4. Yesterday

Come'on what else y'all want as a proof that he is the right man for job. Good leader doesn't necessarily have to be a star athlete. It helps but he is EXTREMELY PROACTIVE on the field. Ash was a bit like that.

But, I am afraid it'd affect Tamasha's game performance if either are made captain.

Mushy 2013!!

One merits a place in the team first, before being a captain. You are gonna tell me Mushy isn't the worst keeper in the international stage? I don't support having two keepers in the team. Make Anamul the keeper, and give chances to better quality batsmen like Mominul in place of Mushfiq. For a team like Bd, having those 3 or 4 excellent players is more important than fretting about the captaincy.

Btw, I voted Bashar. Mushfiq's captaincy might not be decent, but Bashar's was downright terrifying!
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