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Originally Posted by Sohel
^Israel also supported us despite US objections and was one of the first countries to recognize us.
Well part of the problem had been the Arabs themselves - had they not been hell-bent on driving the Israelis into the sea and blowing up buses with children in them, they could have won the moral war a long time ago the quite possibly had made better traction on war for the hearts and minds in the US. Let's face it as long as Israel is giving almost free reign and token slaps by my new country - they don;t really feel any compulsion to act. Add to the mix, the temporary demographic imbalance by the more intransigent and extreme immigrants from Eastern Europe the hawks have the sway. But the long term demographic clock is ticking - both in the middle east and in the US and the end is inevitable. The only question is, how many more generations of Palestinians will be suffering in virtual jails in their own land.
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