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Originally Posted by Sohel
Shourobh is a very decent player but I think he's being a bit overhyped here. I think he'll have a harder time than Bijoy adjusting to international cricket, and will take more time becoming the consistent performer he may become. He's definitely better than Rocky from what I've seen but that really isn't saying much.

I'm not sure how much time he'll have to do that once Shakib returns and bats at number 3 or 4. If Nayeem manages to rotate the strike with ease against quality attack in challenging conditions, something I feel he's capable of doing once relaxed, he'll fit nicely into the other slot.

That leaves 6 and 7 for Shourobh. Unless Mushfiq fails over a long period of time, 6 won't happen anytime soon. Riyad takes time to settle in but once he does, he can finish with the best of them. Shourobh also takes time to settle in, so unless we have an extraordinarily superior international cricketer in him, it would be better to go with the more experienced Riyad IMO.
The problem with Mominul is that the middle order department is pretty much settled. Once Shakib comes back, most probably Mominul will have to take the fall since Riyad and Mushy are captain and VC. Then Nasir obviously is needed. The weak link is Naeem but he's done pretty well so far. So tough ask for Mominul once Shakib comes back.

If he was a #7 batsman it would be a different story since we lack big hitters down the order but Mominul is more of a #4-6 batsman. It's good though that we have competition in the middle order.
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