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Originally Posted by Ajfar
You can't blame Nayeem for playing slowly. It was his first game back after a while and we were only chasing 199. It's good that he got the best out of the situation and picked up a 50. That will give him some confidence, and also selectors faith in him.

Nayeem is a very capable batsman. And if he is batting at 3 after opener gets out he might be batting with Tamim, runrate won't be an issue with Tamim on the other side. But off course will have to start picking those singles quicker. And if Tamim gets out than he will be batting with Shakib. Again run rate won't be an issue. On days Tamim, Mushy, Shakib clicks we will be good with Nayeem playing the anchor role and holding wicket on one side. But he will need to be able to play more aggressively when those guys around him fail. It will take some time. But we'll see where this goes. I think we have a much better chance with Nayeem at 3 than morons like Junaid or SN.
I agree with you Ajfar. I think Naeems a capable batsman as well. Since we chased a score of 200 yesterday, Naeem didn't have to play quickly. I'm just worried whether he can play quicker if the target is bigger or if we need to set a big total. I know he has the ability and the smarts, but he needs to be more sufficient in scoring his runs. I understand it was his come back in ODI's after a while, so he wanted to get some runs under his belt. Hope he can continue to improve on his performances.
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