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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
let me repeat.. Anamul will develop into one of the best Bangladeshi batsmen.

His mindset is spot on.. he's hungry and determined.. he wants to do well... and he's a thoroughly likeable lad.

Technically ALL of the batsmen have work to do. Anamul will blossom.

For once, let him develop. There's too much tendency for fans to judge and dissect players on a performance or two then discard players. Australia, SA, England, India.. the top countries in cricket, all have had 30s aged players and upwards as key contributors. Bangladesh has none. Far too quickly sometimes are players thrown onto the 'fans' scrapheap.

Make sure Anamul isn't one of them before he's barely started!
Thanks coach. The fans here are just so quick to jump into conclusions!

Anyway, great to see Anamul has not taken too long to answer his sceptics!
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