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if we've given faisal a few more chance, who knows he might have succeed. this goes for many other. but for most of them, they were too early to pull, too early to throw. this shows the crying need for A team. for a long time we did not have such thing and so there was no place to test the domestic talents or give the new comers a chance to get back their heart beat to normal rythom. now that we have a regular A team, why don't we use it before pulling a brand new player to national team? selectors did a good job with shahadat. many people were asking to see him in national team since u19 world cup and he got the chance now. golam rahman should be given even more time so that we do not ruin him like we did to many others. on the same tone, i'm concerned about anwar hossain. i think he was too early to pulled to national team even if he had talent. as it seems, he'll not get a second chance if he do not show something promising in england.

people under McInnes did relatively better than those who was not under him. was golam rahman trained under McInnes? if he is, we can be relatively sure that he will keep it up in national level

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