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i cant believe this topic about golam rahman has gone till page 4. well he is doing very well in this years NCL. if he is u-19 he should have gone to australia but i dont think he is u-19 that is why he wasnt considered for australian tour. but his performance definitely deserves a chance for the a-team. but i wouldnt have my hopes up too much because we have seen many players who failed internationally and performed very well in domestic cricket. look at anwar hussein and alamgir kabir. there record in domestic cricket is excellent but they fail in tests and odi. faisal hussein is another example. moniruzzman, rafiqul islam who couldnt play more then 1 match. also sabbir khan who has a great domestic record but he couldnt perform even for the a-team. but i am not saying that he doenst have what it take. i hope the selectors allows him to play for the a-team in the near future. after performing for the a-team for some time then only then he should be considered for the national team. and rightnow we have players in the national team. i think shariar nafees will do very well. shamsu rahman shuvo is also another guy who maybe considered for the future. he has been playing and performing for u-19 for some time. so golam rahman has few people ahead of him so he needs to wait and perform with his bat. and we shouldnt get too carried away we need to wait and see what he can do when he is really tested.
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