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Originally Posted by oronnya
How do you know he was being stubborn??? .... !!
When someone does the same wrong thing again and again and fails...Yet unwilling to change, that's when you know it's stubbornness. That's applicable to Shehwag, Gayle everyone....if you can get away with it scoring big, you become hero... If you can't you have to take the criticism....

Gayle and Shhwag has done enough to be heros...they have triples in test. Although still people argue that they could have been better given away that stubbornness.... But our TI is becoming Mr. 50....

Well for a poor tam like us, he is still good, but then keep him at par with HB...if we have to call him a world class ... Then he needs to at least reach triple figures, not even triple centuries.....

So, I don't understand your point of defending his wreck less ways of throwing away bat....I said in my post, that quick fire 50s are even acceptable in ODIs, but I'm sorry it's not enough for Test cricket...for you may be, but not for me. I expect more from the world class opener of the test team...

And you give an impression that he doesn't know how to be sensible, but I have seen him being sensibly aggressive in the past and he has done well too. Gayle, Shehwag also were sensible and paced their innings when they played those big innings.
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