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Yep I said the same thing before. Make him the head coach. But knowing our BCB they might even refuse to extend his current contract let alone think about handing him the head coach position. He unlike other certain Pakistani players rarely speaks or beats his own drum. Was a huge fan of him during his playing days and believe he was a better spinner than Muralist with his suspect action.

Gazi has himself said how Saqlain has helped him and here's something I bet a lot of guys don't know, I was listening to commentary during a Bangladesh game in the Athar/Bulbul era and Salauddin was bowling and the commies mentioned how Salaudidin said he talked about offspin with Saqlain and saqqi took some time off from his practice and helped Salauddin with his bowling. Guys it was back in those days where we were still an associate team and were lucky to play in the Asia cup. If a player of Saqlain calibre could take time off his own practice to help an associate team bowler it certainly speaks a lot about the mans personality

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