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I think you have taken it in the wrong direction....

Your msg I quoted was:
Originally Posted by Sohel
Had the Palestinian movement been a completely non-violent one like the American Civil Rights Movement, the hawks would have no excuse to advocate, maintain and enhance Israeli aggression.
The Palestinian resistance started in 1948 after Establishment of Israel and that was the time, they had to decide if it will be violent/non violent movement. When I compared to our liberation war, we decided to go violent on or around 26th March 1971, so the events leading to that point of time is what I compare between the two. There can never be a comparison between how the events have gone after the violent protest has started, due to geo-political differences and many other internal/external factors. So now if you re-read my post keeping in mind above premise, it may mean different.

US people and the world at large has been actually educated on what's actually happening in Palestine, after the first Gulf war onwards. Because that's the first time that CNN and he western media started covering wars in real time. Until then, western common people hardly had the real picture of events in Palestine.

I don't want to comment on your knowledge of Israel....I had my opinions through visiting Palestine as part of UN humanitarian mission. I know their part of the story as well.. Yes, had the conflict started in 1990 where there was adequate media coverage for the people of the world to know what's happening, a non violent protest could have yielded a faster result. But better or not, that would depend on the intent of the western and American government, but given the history, a Palestinian will always have a genuine ground to say that; justice would always be in favor of Israel. But still that would remain to be a viable option.
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