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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
I have to disagree. I'm always for giving as much individual freedom to the people. No one should have to call him Bijoy, if they don't feel like it. Anamul and Bijoy are both fine as they are his names given to him by his parents. If you want to coin a new cool nickname, like Run-amul, you should be allowed to do that as well. But if Anamul himself has a particular preference,( which I doubt he does), then I think it's polite to oblige his wishes.
I generally agree with Roey here. The Bangla nicknames are for friends and family - we fans are neither. My preference is to use the names they use officially - the names that show up on the score-cards and record books. We don't need to be parochial and exclude others (non-deshis) from participating with us because they can't tell Shujon from Shumon.

PS: I like the sound of Run-Amul.
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