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Since we are having discussions about the "rightness" of nicknames. Well I always found it distasteful among gatherings when Bangali uncle-aunty openly discusses their naak-shitkani racism: Badhua? Chirolata? Mahua? Bhabi egula to "Hindu" naam.....

Enter chachamia/ a cleric to give 'fatwa': Keyamat er din Allah shei cheleke dakbe jei Musolmaan namee mayer kache chele porichito. Yes, Snigdha falls under that blacklisted category of "hindu" naam

Probably it's my upbringing but having cousins with "christian" names or "foreign" names it doesn't bother me. As much as I love Bangla (which btw I dont have to justify to anyone anyway) I will not exactly torture myself in front of the altar of linguistic aesthetics or poetry.
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