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I think many of you may have missed this post. As we neglect to scroll up, I give you this again. To add to what Holden has said, the kid is still a teen - just a kid, FFS.

Originally Posted by Holden
I have to pull you up on this post, you have distorted some facts (his Strike-Rate) whilst also neglecting to mention significant mitigating events in the game (when Mushy and Nasir got out in succession).

You disagree with the point that he slowed down in the 90's and claim that he actually slowed down before that in the 70's/80's to his hundred. You mention he was "scoring at 85+ at one point to looking pathetic, tentative and completely incapable of nudging it around for singles".
Well firstly, he only hit a SR of 85 very briefly going from 50-100 runs, his average SR during this period was more like 80 give or take:-

End of over 19: 42/55= 76
End of over 20: 47/59= 80
End of over 21: 53/62= 85
End of over 23: 56/70= 80
End of over 25: 62/76= 82
End of over 27: 68/83= 82
End of over 29: 73/91= 80
End of over 31: 77/100= 77
End of over 33: 80/106= 75
End of over 35: 86/110= 78
End of over 37: 88/112= 79
End of over 39: 90/115= 78
End of over 41: 93/124= 75
End of over 43: 96/128= 75
End of over 45: 98/133= 74
End of over 47: 100/139= 72

From the above you can see from overs 19-29 his average SR is just above 80, and then this dips to 75 at the end of over 33 but then starts to go up again till the end of over 37 where he is striking just below 80.
Then something significant happens at the end of over 37 which you neglected to mention in your post; At the end of over 37 Mushy is out and then at the end of over 39 Nasir is out, so there ere two quick wickets in succession, and from the above you can see that from this point his SR starts to decrease. Wouldn't you expect that to happen to most batsmen, let alone someone playing only in his 2nd ODI. When a team loses two wickets in succession naturally the batsman at the other end is going to be cautious to prevent a collapse from happening. This is the main reason for Anamul in slowing down, he plays out a maiden from Narine at over 41, just an over after Nasir was out. So in fact I would say he was playing FOR the team rather than himself in trying to prevent a collapse.

From over 44 he is stuck on 98 for a bit but again this is quite natural as he is nearing his hundred however if you want to be uber critical then yes he was a bit selfish FROM THIS POINT where a combination of tight bowling and nerves got to him; it took him 8 balls to get from 98 to his hundred. So out of the 145 balls he played he was selfish for 8 of them, HOW DARE HE!!
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