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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
A few "points to ponder"

1. Anamul's innings was brilliant. The team had it's largest ODI win of all time. There is no criticism of a 19 year old in these circumstances. Anyone who does really has no clue about cricket.

2. Anamul is someone who responded well to the Dhaka Gladiator's set up where we told all the batters to "hit a four, take a single". Those of you who watched the BPL would have seen the batsmen attempting this with Anamul being very good at it mostly. This is why I said back then I was backing this kid to be special.

3. Regarding bowling coach/head coach. West Indies have one (Ottis Gibson) and Pakistan had one (Waqar Younis). UAE now has one (Aaqib Javed). A bowling coach knows a GREAT DEAL MORE about batting, because you have to understand how to bowl to batters and work out their weakness. This is on top of the fact that to be a qualified Level 3 Head Coach, you have to be able to coach batting, bowling and fielding and pass all sections of that before you can be qualified. Imran Nazir whilst at DG is an example of a batsman who benefitted from such a system.

4. As long as Anamul doesn't fall into the Shakib/Tamim trap of not training as hard as others, or the generic mindset of "I've made the national team I'm happy" thought processes of the majority of BD players in the past, then I think we have someone who has the ability to go on far further than any other Bangladeshi player. His is technically minded as well - a fact that helps set him apart from most in the team - meaning he will works on flaws in his game.

5. Please do not do what you normally do on forums and destroy this lad if he slips up sometimes. From my heart, this lad has a gift that needs nurturing... give him all the support you can

On a personal level, I really hope I can return to the BPL and have Anamul in my squad again.
Coach if you coach any county side or any lower league side,plz recruit Anamul and also Mominul if you can. Anamul has great talent and pretty good temperament but he does not have experience in playing in seaming conditions. I remember him struggling in Zimbabwe in seaming pitches,he needs that experience,and BCB should also try arranging tours for the A team in SA or England to play against their A teams or HP squads and send these talented youngsters there.
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