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Originally Posted by MyRoom
Nothing we need to stop acting like babies and just take as if we win any other series to show that we're boss innit I mean we were all hyped up including the players when we beat India and Sri Lanka like as we won the World Cup or something so lets not make it look too desperate. Take Rahim for an example when Gayle was out yesterday he kept his cool even when the wicket was huge. So lets not be emotional and cry like Asia Cup where so many of the other teams felt sorry for us and even laughed because its kind of embarrassing. We should be aiming for the series win on Wednesday but why stop there? there's 2 more matches left in the series after this so lets go and win it all to show to the World who's really the boss.

ভাই আমারা বাংলাদেশের এক প্রকার পাগলা সমর্থক তাই লজিক একটু কম বুঝি বাংলাদেশ দল নিয়ে , তবে আপনার কথার যুক্তি আছে এবং আমি আপনার সাথে একমত ।

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