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Originally Posted by WorldCup11
Zsayeed Bhai ,

1. What's the probability of mushy's toss winning tomorrow?
2. What % of dew are you expecting during day & night of the match?
3. If our spinners have to bowl under artificial light, then what % of the ball they'll be able to grip properly ? (Considering dew factor)
4. What are the chances for Crisis bhai to propose Kanta?

Please reply
Bishocup bhai - 1, 2, 3 are really good ones - lots depend on that. 3 er jonno to amra swann key kandaiya disilam jodio chottogrammey. asha kori amader kantey hoibo na. Ai dew er modhdhey na BPL e M. Haque 53 korsilo. Shakib ball er seam khuija paitha silo na dhakai.

IN SBNCS in day night ODIs batting first we won 1 out of 12 games, and bowling first we won 4 out of 11 games in last 5 years. So bowl first is very important.;view=ground;view=ground

Compared to that day matches have little impact on outcome: bat first won 6/11, bowl first: 7/12. (last 3 years, day matches at SBNCS );view=ground;view=ground

And this one needs a little double checking on you guys' part. It appears Mushy has marshalled the team in 12 ODIs so far (?) and has won the toss 8 times. 67% probability we will win toss, and then 4/11 probability we will win = .67*.36 = 25% probability, mind you just based on toss and record. NO SKILL ACCOUNTED FOR (Zunaid bhai!). Just the cold cold hearted numbers. If we lose the toss, and Sammy makes us bat ta hoiley kintu khobor asey.;type=team;type=team

4 is the best - chinta koira dekhsen biya hoiley bashar modhdhey ki obosta hoibo? Palan palan ekhono shomoi asey. Kanta rey biya korley sharadin rait kantey hoibo.

Lastly, and this again someone from metereology can help, the dew point for that night is 43 F and the temperature will be 67 F. Humidity of 45%.
The rate of temperature drop is 1 F/hr with dew oint decreasing at .33 F per hr - it appears that the ground will cool slowly with zero cloud cover past 6 pm. And here is my best guess that dew will play a role but not significantly. That's all I could do.

And for ZUnaid Bhai: I know it can be finessed more, but someone else can if they wish. This is a start and always can be improved.
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