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I don't know what Sohel wrote (something against zeeshan?), whatever it was, I don't think it would warrant a ban, simply because he has been around here long enough for us to know how he carries himself in discussion board. Hardly ever breaks the rules.

Even if a board rule was broken, it should be seen as a mistake.... simply a removal of the post or asked him to edit would suffice i think.

This has nothing to do with some ppl can get away with things (ie old members), it's simply a matter of understanding the intention.. was there a mal intent/malice etc.

Court of law works that way too.... You dont go to jail for death caused in car accidents do you? because there is no bad intent.. anyaways it's a complicated discussion.. so I agree with all the ppl who is surprised.... sohel shouldn't have been banned, no matter what he said because we KNOW him.. and was he a repeat offender?

i stand behind him....even if it's for a week... i dont think we should make some members here feel unwelcome, specially members that made this forum where it is now.... if it wasn't for interesting members on this board, there wouldn't be so many of fans here.. though now that there are so many.... contribution/importance of older and interesting ones may seem insignificant/
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