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Default A story on misunderstanding

Okay it's no secret forum is getting heated - notwithstanding the wins- but I thought I would share a favorite story of mine that illustrates how we all misunderstand each other. It is even more so online in age of internet. For instance, suppose your Prof. mails you saying that the grades are posted or do you reply? Do you reply with a boring 'Thanks.' or an exuberant "Thanks!" or Thanks with smiley but then in the trilemma we are unsure. I mean you can be as formal as you like while using smileys in a formal letter will be perceived as premature. OTOH I constantly see Rifat, kalpurush, Nasif (not to confuse with Razi) use smileys. Lol the one that doesn't is MoChow bhai and Poorfan. :P

Enough rambling. Here is the story and enjoy for what it is. Not preaching just sharing.


Aikido Surprise
By Terry Dobson

A major turning point in my life came as an unexpected surprise one day in the middle of a quiet spring afternoon on a sleepy train in the suburbs of Tokyo.

It all started as the old train car was clanking and rattling over the rails. It was comparatively empty – a few housewives with their kids in tow, some old folks out shopping, a couple off-duty bartenders casually glancing through the sports section of the local newspaper. I was gazing absently at the drab houses and dusty hedgerows.

Then as the doors opened at one unremarkable station, the calm afternoon was suddenly shattered. A man on the platform bellowed at the top of his lungs, yelling violent, obscene, incomprehensible curses. Just before the doors closed, the still yelling man staggered into our car.

He was big, drunk and dirty. He wore laborer's clothing. His ragged shirt was stiff with dried vomit, his hair crusted with filth. His bloodshot eyes were bugged out, beaming scorn and hatred to all who caught his glance.

Screaming obscenities, he swung his big fist wildly at the first person he could reach, a scared young woman holding a baby.
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