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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
He didn't slow down in his nineties, he started BEFORE that, somewhere around his 70s/80s, when his SR dropped below the 80's. Look, I know that treating adults like kids is characteristic of Bangladeshi culture, but let's put things in perspective. No need to get carried away by personal milestones and no need to get carried away with the criticisms either.

The fact is, Anamul went from scoring at an 85+ SR at one point to looking pathetic, tentative and completely incapable of nudging it around for singles. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks is "enough" to win the game - you go out there to bat trying to get as many as you can within the 50 overs. So yes, when we needed him to hit, he bogged down trying to get to his century first, wasting a good number of deliveries in the process. It got to a point where I was going to give him the benefit of doubt, assuming he was incapable of improvisation and needed more time to get there. But the way he went off right after his hundred shows that he was playing for his century and thereby himself, which made the century celebrations look pretty pathetic, IMO.

I'm not devaluing the impact of his inning. Let's take a look at the facts. The fact is that although he has limitations, he has thus far played within them to quickly adjust to international cricket. Yes, he is new and inexperienced and can improve his game with time, at least I believe so after having watched him in these two ODIs. He remained calm in the face of crisis early on in the inning and got us out of trouble. There is no questioning any of that.

But it's the attitude on display from the time he was on his 70's/80's to the time he got to his hundred that I have a problem with and think it needs to be nipped in the bud. I think this is fair criticism. You don't want someone taking 135 deliveries to get to a hundred on a flat deck in this age, especially when the team needs to accelerate. I don't know about others, but I for one wasn't expecting him to take risks or manufacture runs out of extravagant shots. Ones and twos would have been fine. But to go from 47* off 57 or so to 99* off 135 is inexcusable. The ODI game has evolved and with it, the role of the anchor. An anchor doesn't just get bogged down throughout the inning anymore. You're expected to keep scoring at a healthy SR.

What others do or don't do isn't really of concern here. If Tamim can't get 100s, go bash him in his thread. If Mushfiq gets out on 75 and you have a problem with that, by all means, go yell at him in his thread. Why must we have one extreme or the other? Why must we have either someone who goes into a shell to score a hundred or someone who doesn't get there at all? Why can't we for once have someone who'll do it at a healthy SR so we can get to, say, 320+, or as much as we can get?

Again, I think it's very fair to criticize somebody playing for himself, regardless of the outcome. Tendulkar did that against us earlier this year and had to pay for it. I do have issues with people going after personal milestones and putting them above the team, then celebrating like it's the greatest achievement in the world. If someone else doesn't have a problem with that attitude, then all power to them.

80-100. That's where my problem is with his inning. Otherwise, like I said before, he did a great job of playing within his limitations and pulling us out of misery. I do believe that with time he'll shed the attitude issue (he must if he's going to compete with guys like Faf, for who the team comes before the individual, even on debut). Someone needs to drill it into him, though, if he doesn't get it on his own. It doesn't matter that this is his debut series and it doesn't matter that he's 20. No one should give a s**t, because it's the nation's interest that comes first. We need to start beating better teams more regularly and while his selfishness to get to his hundred might not have hurt us much today (we won't know until the game is over), we will need to build a culture of putting the team first and instill it in newcomers and oldies alike to be able to reach the top, which should be the ultimate goal.
While I understand your reasoning, I can't agree. Wickets of set batsmen (eg Mushy) had fallen in his allegedly selfish phase. Assuming he got out trying to accelerate or not wasting time getting his ton (Shakib from last Test, anyone?) that could damage the team just as much as him slowing down. How many times have we seen 180-2 in 40 overs become 240-8 by the close of the innings? Is that what we want?

At least by not getting out, he has the chance to explode later - which he did and make up for it.

Yes cricket is about scoring as many as you can, but just as its not about hitting every ball for 6 to achieve that, its also not about abandoning circumspection or even personal milestones because as they say, you can't score when you're sitting in the dressing room.

There's nothing wrong with starting slow, or even starting quick slowing down a bit after a good start. The only thing is being slow when you get out or being unbeaten after a slow-all-the-way-through knock (Ash fifty vs PAK in Kitply Cup).

Anam's 120 doesn't qualify under any of those criteria.
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