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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
^ Yes, and it's an obvious reason why they won. You can't win without playing good. I thought that was a gimme. So I still don't get the point you are trying to make. Like I said, you dont actually think people actually believe BD is winning because of those 4 points you mentioned? Cmon now.

And now you are ripping on fans' period cycle. That's our main job, to be emotional, irrational and crazy. Hell, people wanted Anam to get benched after making a 100! How crazy is that? This is after all a fan forum. We aren't professionals. And it isn't the case with only Bangladeshi fans. Fans are like this EVERYWHERE, in EVERY SPORT. And that's what makes us fans and you not reacting to it seriously makes you a professional.
The 4 points were sarcastic, bhai, highlighting how silly some thinking is...

I am here to help fans who are irrational and crazy. My postings are designed to put a professional spin on things so people can calm down and have perspective. Being irrational and emotional is an excuse.. like Tamim saying "I can't play any other way".

Anyhow, people will always misunderstand what's really going on in cricket. As long as no one takes themselves and ideas too seriously eh?
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