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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
The 4 points were sarcastic, bhai, highlighting how silly some thinking is...
Fans are being sarcastic too. If you think someone here really believes we are winning because of the new jersey, you are only insulting their intelligence.
Originally Posted by Ian Pont
am here to help fans who are irrational and crazy. My postings are designed to put a professional spin on things so people can calm down and have perspective. Being irrational and emotional is an excuse.. like Tamim saying "I can't play any other way".
I think we should start at the grass root lvl. This is a wrong place to start. Like Tamim, it is too late to change our "natural game." Also, saying you know more than everyone else b/c you are a pro (which is probably true), probably isn't the best place to start. But yea, good luck... with that whole thing.
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