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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
^ Watch it, it get's better. Last 4 ep has been good.

Taking about TV shows. I need some ideas for reality TV pitch. This is the least important assignment I have to do with tons of actual work to do, but I can't think of anything! I dont even wanna look at this stupid assignment! I need help!
Instead of a reality show, how about a sit-com? Consider this show about four different people living under the same roof - the only thing tying them together is cricket.

The Fan: An expat who has outdated and unrealistic views of how things are back in his old country. He wants to get married but can't figure out why the masses of Bengali beauties are not throwing themselves at his feet.

The Coach: He once had a gig there. He learned the language but can't figure out why he doesn't get the call to lead the team to glory.

The Player: Is a few wickets short stumps. Was once the star and had the nation swooning at his feet. Now he can't figure out why he is in the wilderness - he believes he is in top form but hasn't scored a run in years.

The Administrator: He once ran the whole show but never got the love of the fans. He manipulated everyone to try to get the top job in the world but as soon as he makes it, they go ahead and change the job description. He ends up being a gopher with a highfalutin title and that's all.

Each episode we will focus on one of the protagonists with the other room-mates providing foil for the comedy.

We should call it: "As the ball turns"
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