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Originally Posted by MyRoom
Realistically at the moment, increasing stadium capacity in SBNS is very difficult considering that Stadium already had a massive facelift. In places like Chittagong and Khulna, you can increase the capacity considering how they are designed. I see no reason why Chittagong cannot add another 15,000-20,000 seats. But if we can fill our grounds so easily then we should be arranging more matches so that the people who are missing out can actually attend a game. Bangladesh should arrange and sponsor a tri-series between themselves, Zimbabwe and Ireland to see who is the best of the minnows or something at least its meaningful.
Actually, no. ZACS in Chittagong was not designed with any plan of significant expansion. You can't just stack one stand above another. You need to have a proper foundation.
And I don't see why we should be playing tri-series involving Ireland and Zimbabwe now that we have already started to beat the G8 teams pretty consistently.
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