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Originally Posted by BANFAN
After Palestinian land has been taken by force for the creation of Israel and continuous settlement expansion .... Still israel needed to do some atrocities for the Palestinians act to be termed reactionary ?? And do you exactly mean by their actions to be "Overzealous in their aggression" ?
The early history of this conflict is not as black/white as you make it out to be. History there doesn't start at 1948. Even before the partioning of the lands, there was powerful presence of anti-Semitism in the Palestinian lands (The Hebron Massacre in the 1920s, destruction of synagogues, general mistreatment of the Jewish immigrants from Russia/East-Europe, etc). These sorts of aggression only soured the relationship that ratcheted up in intensity since 1948. By no means am I saying that it's all the Arabs' fault - but that ek hathe tali baje na. But since 1967, Israel has let their power and backing by powerful friends get to their heads. They have been trodding on a path of arrogance ever since.
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