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Originally Posted by Electrequiem
The early history of this conflict is not as black/white as you make it out to be. History there doesn't start at 1948. Even before the partioning of the lands, there was powerful presence of anti-Semitism in the Palestinian lands (The Hebron Massacre in the 1920s, destruction of synagogues, general mistreatment of the Jewish immigrants from Russia/East-Europe, etc). These sorts of aggression only soured the relationship that ratcheted up in intensity since 1948. By no means am I saying that it's all the Arabs' fault - but that ek hathe tali baje na. But since 1967, Israel has let their power and backing by powerful friends get to their heads. They have been trodding on a path of arrogance ever since.
Ok the second question is clear. But since your statement says "in response to Israel's creation" ... That's why I said's quiet black/white after that isn't it? Well in relation to reactionary statement....

Originally Posted by Electrequiem: Also - to add to the discussion - the Arab violence in response to Israel's creation has not ALWAYS been reactionary. ....
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