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The assumption that bowling more than 15 overs per day will lead to injuries is just silly and underestimates the intelligence of the playing captain and the fast bowlers. At the end of the day the bowlers themselves should know when is the right time to take a break or stop bowling. It varies by bowler; maybe 15 overs for some, maybe 20 for others or even more. Furthermore nets are good for trying out the new weapons like you mention, but what's the point of practicing if they don't get to try them enough in a real game?

Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
We have very little stock of pace bowling. more than 15 overs and even that number will shrink to injuries.

Spinning track are here to stay. Better the fast bowlers come up with new weapons. They need to take care of their bodies better as well. Nets are there to practice, use it. Learn how to set up a batsman. Slower ball. In cutter, then outswinger. Bouncers. Two is allowed now. Use them wisely.

Cricket adapts what is given to them. At this time it is a batsman's game. Bowlers must adjust accordingly.
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