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"Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman

The fact is, Anamul went from scoring at an 85+ SR at one point to looking pathetic, tentative and completely incapable of nudging it around for singles. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks is "enough" to win the game - you go out there to bat trying to get as many as you can within the 50 overs. So yes, when we needed him to hit, he bogged down trying to get to his century first, wasting a good number of deliveries in the process. It got to a point where I was going to give him the benefit of doubt, assuming he was incapable of improvisation and needed more time to get there. But the way he went off right after his hundred shows that he was playing for his century and thereby himself, which made the century celebrations look pretty pathetic, IMO."

Pathetic analysis! I wonder he has any idea of how to make a real century in an actual cricket field and more importantly, what is the effect of a century in a team like BD. I also wonder whether he saw so many BD innings where we promised to make 300+ with quick fire from Shaqib/Tamim but eneded up 230/240. Also, look at the video of tendulkar centuries and how eventually, helped that India! Finally, you can always wonder what could have been the ideal but at the same time you need to use some sanity on what worse could have happened! Polatare praise na koira ulta bhul rasta dekhaitache!
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