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Default This Loss is a Blessing in Disguise for the Team

I think this loss in the 3rd ODI has been a blessing for us as a team. We have 4 debutants and a couple comparatively new guys in the team....if we would win it straight 3-0 tonight, they would get a wrong lesson out of it. They wouldn't learn to fight. In their very first series they needed some obstacles on their was all coming too easy.

I'm happy that we are leading 2-1 with 2 more matches to come. Team will have some serious look at their mistakes and come up with strategies to beat this WI in the next match. They will have some exercises within the team that they didn't have till now. They were just trying to go with the motion.

If we can win the series from here, that will prepare these guys for tougher fights against stronger teams...Saqlayen must be working with the bowlers, what went wrong, while WI spinners have done so well, why our frontline spinners couldn't utilize the conditions; SJ should be asking Mushy why he chose Rubel at that time, instead of Mash, if pace was necessary; why the batting failed so miserably....etc etc...

This should help our young boyz and the team to prepare for the SL series. Good that WI put up some resistance. If we can't win the series from here, that will also show us our weakness and we have to work harder and lower our expectations against stronger teams...

This loss gives us the opportunity to get better as a team.
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