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Originally Posted by layperson
@ Kabir: That is not money laundering. Please look up the definition. For reference here is the definition based on the federal government watchdog: Nije dui number boile shobaike dui number mone kora to thik nah.
Personal attack korar dorkar chilo na. Since tumi amake dui number dakteso, eitar evidence dekhaileo better hoito. But I digress...

Thanks for "educating" me on the definition of money laundering. Coz you've simply proved me right. Here's a clearer description.

Money laundering is the process of concealing the source of money obtained by illicit means.

Basically, it's anything you do to conceal an illegal transaction/trade. The method you mentioned in your earlier post is at best "illegal" because it bypasses the "legal" process of sending the money outside of Bangladesh. If you can show me evidence that the Bangladeshi government considers this as a "legal" way of transferring money, please share.
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