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Originally Posted by cricheart
I cant see why Mushy-Rubel getting blamed here. Its true match was gone at that Rubel's last 24 conceding over. Poor bowling offcourse, But it was pure slog by Marlon, who played a grand match winning innings tonight for WIndies.
Rubel was brought at 41st over for second spell while he conceded 11 from earlier two overs. Then he has given runs next three over spell in this way- 4runs at 41st, 3runs at 43rd and then 24runs at 45th. How Mushy could ever guess Rubel gonna bowl badly after playing resonably good four overs! Fact is Bangladesh was allways lacking 20-30 odd runs from start and Marlon's century makes it look like easy, which wouldnt be that easy, if BD managed to cross 250+ mark.
Yes, it is Mushy's fault because the batsman just completed a hundred - and he will hit. Atleast with spinners they could have guiled him. Spinners are best when attacked.
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