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Originally Posted by betaar
If you followed BD cricket for a long while you should've known that jumping into conclusion within first few games is a carnal sin.....just wait a little.

While we are jumping for Abul being a proper batsmen, few things need to be taken into consideration. He played some handsome shots with batsman like technique but the question is does he have the temperament to play them consistently? Only time can tell and one fluke hundred does not prove it.

Mominul's spin was expected to turn as mush as it did since it was a turning pitch......we were surprised because we haven't seen him bowl before....whether he can shine again time will tell.
1) I did not say Abul Hasan is a proper batsmen, I said he could have been if he was guided at under-19 level and concentrated more on his batting.
2) Mominul Haque looks class to me, the way the balls were turning was amazing. I think on pitch that suits spinners mominul should bowl more.
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