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Originally Posted by Kabir
Personal attack korar dorkar chilo na. Since tumi amake dui number dakteso, eitar evidence dekhaileo better hoito. But I digress...

Thanks for "educating" me on the definition of money laundering. Coz you've simply proved me right. Here's a clearer description.


Basically, it's anything you do to conceal an illegal transaction/trade. The method you mentioned in your earlier post is at best "illegal" because it bypasses the "legal" process of sending the money outside of Bangladesh. If you can show me evidence that the Bangladeshi government considers this as a "legal" way of transferring money, please share.
Once again you are forgetting that money laundering has to do more with illegally earned money.

Let me dumb it down further what I advised zeeshan: Person A pays person B money in Bangladesh. This transaction cannot be deemed illegal unless the sources of the money is illegal. I hope you agree this much.

Person B pays money to person A in USA. This transaction in itself is not illegal unless the money is earned illegally by person B. If the source of the money is legal then these two transactions cannot be deemed illegal from any angle. I am not a law expert but common sense says it cannot be.

These two transactions are not exactly transferring funds from one country to another. If you can show me that any government would deem any of these transactions as illegal then I would agree that it is money laundering provided the funds were earned illegally in the first place.
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