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The truth is we lost the match long time ago when Mash and Riyad started dropping catches in the slip. Al though getting that run out would have help us, I don't think it would have made much of a difference. Sammy still hadn't come out to bat yet, and we all saw Narine is no Schmuck with the bat. As long as Samuels was there WI was always going to win. We had plenty of chances to get him out and we didn't.

Bringing in Rubel wasn't a tactical decision. This decision was made long before the 2nd innings began. This is the same reason Rajib bowled the last over in the Asia cup final, because our usual plan. Rubel was always going to bowl this late in the innings whether WI needed 35 runs or WI needed 75 runs. If our captain used his brain for a minute he would have remembered even part timer like Mominul got an edge off of Samuels. Why change what's been working for you? It was because of the spinners we got back into the game. There was absolutely no need to try anything different. It's one thing if Spinners failed to take wickets for a while and he decided to go with the pacers, but spinners were getting the job done. I think a bigger problem is our captain won't learn from this mistake. Come next game, I wouldn't be surprised if same situation arises he will do the same thing again. Why? Because it's the usual plan.
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