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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
as i said before shakib has unfinished business as BD captain..and as we mature as a team with good young players the workload on shakib will gradually tone down..when that day comes i think again he should be captain
Originally Posted by oronnya
And Mushy's team management skill . That would just be the perfect captain for us.

I think Shakib is the closest candidate as he somewhat fits into those first two criteria (tactician+performer). Now only if he learned how to manage a team and encourage them to perform as a team.
Nobody was a perfect captain so far.

Nicely summarized..... But as NW points out, I think we are heading towards that balance in the team, it could be the right time to bring back Shakib as the captain....

It wasn't Shakib's fault entirely, it was the coach who made others second class team members in public and media/fans were doing so much Shakib bondona, instead of the team, that it was very easy for a young guy to get misguided. I think he has got his lessons and we have a changed environment in the team. It's time that Shakib gets the captaincy back to take the team ahead.

But please don't make TI the vice captain.
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