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Originally Posted by jeesh
Saber Hossain pls. The gentlemans game needs a gentleman-one who is passionate about the game, and whose every action will be aimed to developing the game in Bangladesh
Exactly! Unfortunately the likes of Papon along with Tutul and Co. will never let that happen. Tutul Co. and the clubs knew that Saber wouldnt give them too much leeway and so effectively stopped him from becoming the president by inviting Papon to take up the job. And now that he is in power, he is using all his influence to consolidate his position by surrounding himself with a group of his chamchas who will help him win if there is an election. I heard Saber was ready to take the job but the moment he knew Papon was his competitor he gave up straightaway as he knew to go up against Papon would be useless.
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