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Originally Posted by Out_You_Go
Coach, just curious to you think giving Rubel was a strategic mistake from Mushy or is it that Rubel could not deliver? Want your views on it..
A captain makes decisions assuming people are going to bowl well/bat well/field well etc. The problem is if a bowler has a shocker of an over then there's nothing you can do except take them off afterwards.

I cannot comment on whether Mushy felt he needed to 'gamble' with Rubel at at that stage or whether he wasn't happy to leave him an extra over closer to the end, but had Rubel bowled a great over, this conversation wouldn't be relevant.

You have to remember that Rubel is not in to field or bat, but to bowl and he is a front line bowler. It wasn't as if Mushy was asking Tamim to bowl, but a key bowler in his attack.

A captain cannot predict what is going to happen when he changes something. All things being equal he would have expected perhaps a wicket and just a handful of runs in that over.

My ORIGINAL point about only playing one pacer is relevant because this is a symptom of the general malaise affecting BD cricket right now. Had Rubel and Mash taken 4 wickets each, fans wouldn't be asking for a virtually all spin attack. I agree selectors have to pick the best sides to win matches 100%. No issues with that. I am simply concerned for the worsening of the pace bowlers in Bangladesh generally.

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