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Originally Posted by deshimon
IMO Khaled Mahmud Sujon was the best captain.Though as a player,at the time of captain wasn't so good. But his captaincy was impressive. But in his erra the team wasn't so strong. For this he didn't get any significant success.

There was another who is Khaled Masud Pilot during his captaincy erra he was the best performer in the team. In Sri Lanka he was man of the series in an ODI series which was the first in Bangladesh cricket history.

Akram Khan was also referable. We won our ICC trophy in 1997 under him.

I really dont understand the fascination with Sujon and Pilot....
Sujon used to regularly brought himself on during the final 10 overs. Even at that era he was only good enough to be a part timer at best.

Pilot played a major role in the 2003 wc disaster where we lost to both Canada and kenya....

Shakib was the only great captain we ever had. The other guy who had the potential to be a good captain was Aminul Islam may be....
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