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Originally Posted by Jadukor
iDumb bhai... if you don't have savings for a year that's fine, chill...Jesus still loves you! but plz don't take that frustration out on me!

I am not talking about fresh graduates moving there to seek a new life... Obviously when you are a student or a just joined work you would not be looking at buying house/cars etc. I am talking about the wealthy people here in BD deciding to sell their Gulshan/Banani properties and settling in Canada/US
I think you are just trying to defend a nonsensical out of reality post of your with another equally nonsensical post. Why would wealthy familly move to US/Canada? It's very common for wealthy people to send their children here and they end up staying here but there would be very few if any for whatever reason for wealthy bangladeshis to move here. We are talking about majority of ppl, when they move, they live like the way afjar has explained.....

I don't know what frustrations you are talking about? Poor people are never frustrated haha..
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