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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Homie we are talking California here, not your suburbs of Jackson Heights. 300k r niche kono house nai kothau. Unless you want to remodel them.

And besides it's not be under my name. TMI but I terminated like eight contracts and my credit is in the drain.

I will prolly buy under my mommy's name or my brand new g/fs name.
Zeeshan, do you have any idea about costs of housing in Jackson Heights bro? NY is the only place that didn't take much of a housing hit. Go to and type jackson heights ny and look for yourself.

California i think took pretty bad housing hit as well. Listen man, my point is don't buy more house than you can't afford. And the house that you can afford, you wanna be strategically smart. That's all I am saying.

There are ppl that buy house for aesthetics (like my wife), and there are people that buy houses as investment (like me). Now my return on investment would be much higher if my downpayment is the least possible in rental. but if you gonna live in the house for life, then paying it off as fast as possible is the best. But given the currently low mortgage rate, and in a stable rental market, I think it is wise to buy house as soon as possible. and I think house price will go up from here and will stabilize...
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