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Originally Posted by Habib
I won't change my mind even if we win the series. What is his contribution? He is supposed to be a bowling coach, but where is the improvement in our pacers? Their performance is free falling like Dhaka share market and the improvement that we see in the spinners can be attributed to Saqlain.
If being lovey dovey with our players can get him the HC role, so be it. However, I cannot really see what new he brings to the table. We need a HC who has passion for BD cricket but at the same time can be tough on the players when necessary. Now, if we can get someone like that or not is upto BCB.
Not much contribution as a bowling coach like you said. But the players seem to do well under him, more motivated, more confident. You could see the same effect during Asia Cup where SJ was an integral part of the coaching staff. Sometimes this is the best thing a head coach could bring to the table. The late Eddie Barlow was loved by players, administrators not because he brought in more technical competence than Greenidge or Whatmore. What separated him from the rest was his ability to instill self confidence, belief. He was a terrific motivator. What works best-a motivator or a task master? Very debatable, and hard to pintpoint the correct recipe for success. Whatever SJ is doing seems to be working and was evident in the tests and first 3 ODI's. Yes we have made the same old mistakes, but gradually with experience we should be able to overcome these.

Another thing to keep in mind. National team isnt the place to learn the basics. It should be more about tactics, match preparation etc. If we expect NT coaches to do the whole cricketing education we will always end up dissapointed. Thats why we have the A Team, HP and Under 19. We would be much better off with tougher coaches in these setups, so that the players which filter through to the NT are well groomed and disciplined. At the moment we have the perfect person in RM
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