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For some reason I yet don't see the match winner in Riyad. He's very very good for playing at a losing cause and getting us to positions where its not an embarrassing to lose but at the end of the day a loss is a loss.

He definitely needs to bat up the order and play the anchor role [and by anchor role I don't mean someone batting around at a SR of 65, which is what I feel Riyad will be doing if sent to bat at the top]. And he also definitely isn't someone who can hit big shots at will. For someone batting so low down the order his SR should be in high 90s and even cross 100. Even in the world cup game against England while he hung around and thats appreciated it was Shafiul who was providing the punching blows. With the emergence of better players, unless Riyad takes his game to the next level, I don't see him cementing his position in the ODI team.

Never the less, congrats for two consecutive 50s albeit in losing causes.
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