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We did not lose the 4th ODI as badly as the W-Indies did in the 2nd one at Khulna. Even with the two losses In this series BD is still a bit ahead of WI. But the momentum is on the WI's side. I hope they cannot win through luck any more. For BD to be a better ODI team at home, they have to come back hard and give it all with what they have. I guess Mushy and M-Ullah cannot say that they have no pressure. I guess the pressure situation really motivates people toward applying whatever skills they have to the situation and prove it through performance and results. The Mushy-M-Ullah (the Captain and "Wise" Captain) partnership lifted us from a big hole we were in at 17 for 5. Nasir, Mominul and Tamim got out to good balls. The W-Indies were lucky in a sense. Bad umpiring affected both teams (Sohag Gazi's out, but then Mushy got life too).
We missed Shakib at a very critical juncture; remerber, Vettori said, "the difference between win and loss is Shakib." He is such an impact player. Mominul got out to a nice catch; he is too short to pull that ball. We need to replace Naeem. And we played a pacer short - we just do not have one.

All the matches I watched from the very beginning uninterrupted, BD won. I did not do it for the 3rd and 4th ODI. Now I would have to be up at 3:30 am today to see the BD play. Maybe that would be the reason why BD will prevail.

I would say that a 2-3 series loss to the W-Indies would not be end of the world.

I will remain as always an avid BD fan.


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