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Originally Posted by mali007
How many cricketers from Dhaka city are in the national team now ? May be 1 or 2 . In the past it was opposite . It happened because Cricket has grown all over the Country . I salute those District Organizations for producing quality cricketers to represent the current national team . So, representatives (Councellor) must be selected from the districts .
i think you are over acclaiming them...yes cricketers comes from all over the country now days...but are they really groomed in the place of origin..most of them are groomed in the bksp and dhaka ideal world you want cricketers to stay in their place of origin...get groomed there with proper facility, infrastructure, support and get selected for the regional ncl teams and then represent the country..yes there will be the odd few who will be deemed prodigiously talented and get fast tracked to the dhaka based support system...however this problem is just not with cricket its more of a national problem..where most of the development seems to be dhaka based and our divisional cities seems to be living on scrap...
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