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Originally Posted by WarWolf
This Papon exposed himself as another corrupt politician from Bangladesh. The president, his father, had some bad reputation. But Papon has been considered as a clean person till now. If the report is true then he is more corrupt than Lota Kamal and is enough to destroy our cricket single-handedly.
I really don't understand sometimes. How can you guys even think Papon or any other politician is clean? Just because there hasn't been any allegations against him, you assume he is clean? That just means he is smart enough to keep his dirty dealings concealed under the table. Also I am not sure as I don't really follow DPL but that big issue about Mohammad Yusufcand stopping the DPL had Papon's club involved in it. A guy who can stop the whole league schedule just to keep his club take over the helm of BCB. Lol ( I'm not too sure about the DPL thing though, it's just that I m still too pissed with the 4th match and need to vent out at somebody, even if I am not too sure about some facts)
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