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Originally Posted by M.H.Rubel
He has been offered several times to bat up the order but he denied. A good batsman never likes to come to the crease when the match is already lost.
CI comment maybe relevant:
Orko: "Here's something funny: Mahmudullah, our life-support of sorts, got five night watchmen to protect his wicket before he came out to bat.. I asked it a couple of days ago and I am asking again.. why doesn't he bat higher up the order?" There are many batsmen in the world today who could bat higher up in the ODIs, but there are some mysteries that just don't have answers.

and another
Max: "@Orko, I heard it's Mahmudullah who isn't willing to bat at top. He is my most fav batsman in this team (yeap, I'm serious, not Shakib, not Tamim, it's him) because of his technique and ability to rotate the strike. I sometimes get frustrated by his position and wish he were dropped. He is wasting himself... "

and finally Isam speaks his mind (no not about Shakib): Cricinfo's Isam has this for me: ""It is entirely up to the management where each batsman bats in the Bangladesh team. They want one solid bat to be down the order to give the score respectability whenever they run into trouble. A tradition that started with Khaled Mashud"
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